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Skeletal Spectre – Voodoo Dawn

Spearheaded by the unholy Death / Doom Metal queen Vanessa Nocera, "Voodoo Dawn" proudly displays a plethora of sagacious riffs that crush like a two-ton hammer and yet sickens enough to contaminate a diseased swamp. Sludge parts crawl in and out on occasions in an malefic alliance with some ugly D-Beat indulgence! "Voodoo Dawn" is a tormenting solace of the most hideous hex-ridden Death Metal to ever cross one's path! Superb digi-pack release! Track List: 1. Voodoo Dawn 2. Altar Of Damballah 3. Serpent Moon 4. Bone Dust 5. Shallow Grave 6. Black Augury Hollow 7. She-Wolf Of Devil’s River 8. Haunted Gallows 9. The Flip-Side Of Satan


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