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Skald In Veum – Stridslysten

The five anonymous figures from Scandinavia delivers solid black metal craftmanship that is both lyrically and musically hard to let slip by without making an impression. Musically, you can expect something in the veins of Dark Funeral, old Immortal, Watain & 1349. The blast beats are fast, and the guitars are as furious as they are sharp. The album includes no overly polished guitar tones or trendy genre mixture, just black metal in its purest form. Fast, aggressive and raw. Lyrically, the bands ideological leader Heth delivers lyrics that resembles the prophets of the old testament as fire and brimstone is preached with great vengeance and furious anger over the world that seems to turn a blind eye to the injustice that is done around us. Politically incorrect, religiously critical and anti upper class. Skald in Veum takes you to a place where blood and fire bring rest.

  1. Stridslysten
  2. As Wolves Among Sheep
  3. En Lyra Döpt I Blod
  4. Do What Thou Wilt
  5. Goatwhore
  6. Shards Of The Infernal Fall
  7. Tvinsot (Siaren II)
  8. Whoremaster


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