Sinira – The Everlorn

Sinira is a Melodic Black Metal solo-project from Texas, USA. Inspired by the Swedish Black Metal of the early/mid 90s and bands such as Dissection, Vinterland and Sacramentum, Sinira’s debut album “The Everlorn” strongly reminds of Dissection’s milestone “The Somberlain” not just in name but also in terms of music and sound. Characterized by soaring melodies, sunken and sorrowful vocals, and whirlwind invoking tempos, “The Everlorn” is a homage and tribute to the Swedish titans who reigned proud and whose flames still burn bright.

  1. Where Starlight Does Not Shine (7:47)
  2. Gardens of Pestilence (8:21)
  3. The Everlorn (9:26)
  4. Souls of the Flame (1:48)
  5. Tear Ladened Skies (6:48)
  6. Our Final Nightfall (7:45)
  7. Dawnless Twilight (11:27)
  8. Omega XI (2:44)


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