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Sick Militia – The Next War

Debut album from UK Quartet ‘Sick Militia’. Featuring 16 tracks of blackened/death/crust/d-beat/grindcore that clocks in at just 27 minutes, this debut album is not only ferocious but also very memorable, with many of the tracks taking on anthem like status! Looking at the song titles, the subjects are not pretty at all, dealing with topics such as WW2 and the Nazi death camps!

  1. Pray For Death
  2. Blame – Revenge – Justice
  3. Mortal Fear
  4. Constant State of Fear
  5. Soldiers of Fortune
  6. Barbarossa
  7. Dresden
  8. Death Marches
  10. The Loss of Hope
  11. Horrors of War
  12. Gas Attack
  13. No Mans Land
  14. The End
  15. PTSD
  16. Tod Durch Bajonette


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