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Satanic Warmaster – Opferblut

“Opferblut” is pure, traditional BLACK METAL done the ancient way – in the glare of burning churches, when madness & mysticism still cloaked the scene. In retrospect, “Opferblut” served as the crucial transition from the ripped-raw filthiness of SATANIC WARMASTER’s early days to the triumphant pagan majesty of Carelian Satanist Madness two years later, but during the album’s original release, it incontrovertibly etched the band’s legendry – and there was no looking back. Ever vital and immortal, “Opferblut” stands tall and is hereby rendered back into the canon, for today’s only true believers.

1. Black Destiny
2. Bound in Lust and Hate
3. A Wolf Cries in Anger
4. Pentagram & Wood
5. A Raven’s Song
6. Rain Falls
7. Farewell to the Fallen


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