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Sargeist – Tyranny Returns

A CD reissue of their (cassette-only) unofficial first album, “Tyranny Returns”. Hot on the heels of their split album with Horned Almighty, ‘Tyranny Returns’ is a more varied, even ‘punkish’ affair, however, climaxing with the same end-results - devastatingly true Black Metal. 1. Preludium: Golden Seed of Father=Sun 2. Anti-Human Black Metal Wrath 3. Night of Sacred Wisdom 4. Dark Fortress 5. Scion of Glory & Pride 6. Interludium 7. The Impaler Prince 8. Sinister Glow of the Funeral Torches 9. Sworn by the White Wolves Blood 10. Iron, Blood & Blasphemy 11. Prstludium: Silver Womb of Mother=Moon


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