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Rituals of a Blasphemer – Mors Inumbratus Supra Spiritus

Official reissue of the classic debut album with new vocals, remastered audio and new cover art!

Formed in 2005 by UNHUMAN DISEASE leader Nocturnus Dominus, ROAB released multiple demos and EPs through 2008, before the temple fell silent. Resurrecting in 2013 ROAB released their debut album “Mors Inumbratus Supra Spiritus” in 2014, which was heralded as the best US album/artist performing the classic Finnish Black Metal style triumphed by scene legends Sargeist, Horna, Azaghal and Behexen. While receiving critical acclaim, the band was never satisfied with the albums final outcome…

Summer Solstice 2023 ROAB initiates new vocalist Noctis Interfector, signs a multi-album deal with Moribund Records, and is compelled to recreate “Mors Inumbratus…” as it was originally intended. Featuring all new re-recorded vocals, remastered music and all new layout containing lyrics for the1st time ever, this Black Metal classic is presented anew, fulfilling the bands original vision.

An opus of devotional hymns in praise of Satan and Death spreading the Devil’s doctrine!



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