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Revel In Flesh – The Hour of the Avenger

The Deathkult rages on and ‘The hour of the avenger’ draws near! After a successful line – up change in the drum department and followed by the release of „Relics of the Deathkult“ compilation in early 2018, southern Germany based REVEL IN FLESH finally strike back with their 5th full length album. Mixed & mastered at UNISOUND Studios by Swedish producer legend Dan Swanö (Edge of Sanity, Bloodbath etc.)

  1. The Hour Of The Avenger
  2. My Trial
  3. Blood Oath
  4. The Nihilistic Nothingness
  5. Sky Burial
  6. Deathblow
  7. Pervitin Speed Kill
  8. The Wayfarer
  9. Skull Sacrifice
  10. The Nightbreed
  11. Rock Out (Motörhead Cover)


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