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Repugnance – Shrouds of Deceit

With the EP of 2014 still sounding fresh, here come the Maltese butchers of Repugnance to ravage our eardrums once again with this first full length of them named “Shrouds Of Deceit”. Razor sharp riffs, brutal, guttural vocals, relentless drums, all with a great flow, forming great song constructions. 8 new tracks, odes to brutal death metal taking the story one step further than where they left it back at 2014 with “Seeds Of Oppression”.

1. Insolence Incarnate
2. Scourge And Ruin
3. Abhorrent Resurrection
4. A Desolate Malice
5. Shrouds Of Deceit
6. Shackled At Birth
7. Parallels Of Obscurity
8. Feast Of Debauchery


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