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Ragnarock – Diabolical Age

Here are the Ragnarok albums originally released on the Head Not Found label, licenced to and released by Indie Recordings. This marks the first time these albums are available on vinyl. New versions of the CD’s are also available. **NOTE – THIS A 2LP VINYL, PIC ONLY SHOWS ONE**

  1. 1. It’s War
  2. Nocturnal Sphere
  3. Diabolical Age
  4. Certain Death
  5. The Heart of Satan
  6. Devastaded Christ
  7. The Key Is Turned for The7th Time
  8. Postludium
  9. Bonus track (vinyl only)
  10. Live in Leipzig
  11. Certain Death
  12. It’s War
  13. The Key Is Turned for the 7th Time
  14. Postludium anno 2014


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