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Pray U Prey – Figure The 8

First full length of this Cheltenham, England based band made out of scene veterans known from PROPHECY OF DOOM, ALEHAMMER, SUICIDE WATCH. The 11-song release brings forth brutal concoction of pulverising and punishing death metal, grindcore and crustpunk. As a bonus CD also includes five remixed songs taken from “Black Light Of Time” demo EP released by the band themselves. For fans of early NAPALM DEATH, CELTIC FROST, SLAYER…

Pray U Prey are fellow Englishman who, with Figure The 8, have delivered a bruising ode to early 90’s death- grind that’s barbarically effective in its simplicity.Worship Metal [8/10]

Track List:

01. Figure The 8
02. Sentinels Of Shade
03. The Centre Of Nowhere Is Everywhere
04. Psychodrama Peepshow
05. Circles Into Spirals
06. Nightmare Field
07. All The King’s Men
08. Suffering Rules This World
09. Step Out Of The Kaleidoscope
10. We Become What We Are
11. I-Con
12. Pure
13. Enigma Rising
14. Halo Of Lies
15. Black Light Of Time
16. Liquidate Their Perceived Privilege


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