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Pestilence – Levels of Perception

Genre-defying Dutch death metal legends Pestilence have singled-out and re-recorded twelve emblematic anthems from across their 38-year career into “Levels of Perception”. Patrick Mameli – whose signature vocal, guitar and songwriting skills constitute the hallmark of Pestilence – finds “Levels of Perception” to be a testament to the band’s role in death metal’s progression. Re-recording of the tracks has not only managed to breathe new life into them – half thanks to new line-up, and other half by implementing subtle changes which reflect Mameli’s matured vision and refined with years of experience aesthetic – but also sets them apart from cheap, unimaginative compilations, by unifying the album’s sound as befits a full-length release. “I’ve always wanted to do a best-of album, because it would mean that I’ve achieved something in the past; something that still has its value today,” Mameli comments. “To be able to choose from songs that I composed in the distant past, transporting them into the now, with the line-up of the recordings that consisted of Michiel van der Plicht (drums), Rutger van Noordenburg (guitar) and Joost van der Graaf (bass) – I found this to be of great value and sheer awesomeness.”