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Paradise Lost – Drown in Darkness – The Early Demos

Drown in Darkness – The Early Demos is a compilation album featuring the music of British gothic metal pioneers Paradise Lost from their demos made in 1988 and 1989. Tracks one through three is taken from the band’s 1988 demo “Paradise Lost”; tracks four through six is taken from the band’s 1989 demo “Frozen Illusion”. The Paradise Lost demo recordings, show the bands roots in the field of doomy death metal. The trwo demos are accompanied by six live tracks from the “Plains Of Desolation” bootleg. All songs have been digitally remastered. Featuring extensive liner notes by vocalist Nick Holmes. 

1. Drown in Darkness
2. Internal Torment
3. Morbid Existence
4. Paradise Lost
5. Internal Torment
6. Frozen Illusion
7. Internal Torment (live)
8. Our Saviour (live)
9. Plains of Desolation (live)
10. Drown in Darkness (live)
11. Paradise Lost (live)
12. Nuclear Abomination (live)


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