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Panzerfaust – The Suns of Perdition: Chapter III: The Astral Drain

Canada’s Panzerfaust, unleashing their highly anticipated sixth album “The Astral Drain”, forming the third chapter of “The Suns of Perdition” tetralogy. Throughout the “Suns of Perdition” tetralogy, Panzerfaust has managed to expand upon their distinct sound and infuse it with a clear vision and intensity. In the third act of the tetralogy, the band takes listeners on an incredibly immersive, yet harrowing journey to an outer darkness, documenting mankind’s descent into collective madness and forcing listeners to face the mirror of a hideous reality, in all of its glorious terror, horror, and disgust. The music contained on “The Astral Drain” is incredibly captivating and immediate, whilst retaining a strong sense of atmosphere.

1. Death-Drive Projections
2. B22: The Hive and the Hole
3. Bonfire of the Insanities
4. The Far Bank at the River Styx
5. Tabula Rasa