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Paganizer – The Flesh Dwellers

A rarities album by Swedish death metal legends PAGANIZER. The tracks have been taken from their split with Depression, the “Ode to the Horde / The Cyclone Empire” EP, the “March of the Insane” EP, “The Portal” EP, and the “Sherdil” EP. Comes on limited edition RED vinyl

1. The Flesh Dwellers
2. This Place Is Rot
3. Abortion Van
4. Gasmask Obsession
5. Hell Is Already Here
6. Forever Erased
7. Fleshnaut V 1.0
8. NY Ripper
1. Ode To The Horde
2. Viking Hammer
3. Grinded And Exiled V 1.0
4. Blood On The Axe
5. Of Horses Darkly Dreaming
6. Galloping Death
7. Hellbreed
8. Burn To Ride


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