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Organic – Carved In Flesh

The nasty sound of the almighty HM2 pedal glorificated by crushing riffs, describe the aggression contained in the Full-length Album „Carved In Flesh“. ORGANIC is the death Machine that brings on, the blasphemous tone of old school death metal. This album is a punch in the face and is composed to create a battlefield like atmosphere that brings back this one of a kind music genre. The guitar work for ORGANIC is mastered by guitarist Benni, unlocking the very roots of the buzzing chainsaw.

1. Suffocate in Blood
2. Shrouded in Darkness
3. Frozen Meat Medal
4. Macabre Rites
5. Der Fotzenknecht
6. I, Soulless
7. Carved in Flesh
8. Carnal Absolution (Behind the Altar)
9. From Beyond
10. Death Battalion
11. The Result Is to Collapse


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