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Organectomy – Existential Disconnect

The record is the follow up to the group’s monstrous 2017 debut full length Domain of the Wretched and sees ORGANECTOMY upping the intensity in every way. Thematically the album covers the technological self-obliteration of a man to ascend beyond mortality, and the subsequent repercussions of human consciousness elevated to a state of godliness. We believe we have stepped up our game in terms of intensity and ferocity with this new record and have drawn a lot of influence from our Brutal Death Metal roots.”

01 Severed from Humanity
02 Existential Disconnect
03 Antithetical
04 No Solace In Ascendance
05 Catastrophic Intent (feat. Diogo Santana)
06 The Agony Of Godhood
07 Unending Regrowth (feat. Matti Way)
08 Where Pantheons Lie I: Malfeasance
09 Where Pantheons Lie II: Conviction
10 Anguish In Lamina
11 The Infinite Witness


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