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Onheil – In Black Ashes

Onheil bring their A game with their new album “In Black Ashes”. Fully utilizing the possibilities offered by having a three-guitarist band, every riff is an example of well-structured melodic build, with thrash/black undertones.
The band delivers a well performed and written album that strives, and succeeds at being both hard hitting, heavy and ag-gressive yet melodic and enchanting.
Recorded during the pandemic the album features mostly new members along with founding member Amok. The band decided against releasing the album during the pandemic, rather utilizing the time to bring the album to its full potential. Lyrics were improved, vocals re-recorded and solos – something that the band had not incorporated into their writing before – were added, adding a whole new dimension to the band’s sound.
Any person that enjoys dual guitars, melodic harmonies, fast paced, blackened and in-your-face metal should not miss out on this album.

1. Night Terror
2. In Black Ashes
3. Like Shadows in the Night
4. Void
5. Beneath a Steel Sky
6. Bloodthirst
7. Master of Disease