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Ondfødt – Norden

Ondfødt return with their 3rd full length album ‘Norden’, 2 years after their 2nd album “Dödsrikets Kallelse” was released. With Norden (which was crafted during 2019), the band has managed too develop their sound drastically and all for the better.

Magnificence drums who pound right through your speakers entangled in a blasphemous dance with the guitars who provide a strong and straight forward Black Metal sound! The vocals are as unholy as they should be and the bass completes the music with the right dose of power. Every song is a pure offering to the one true divinity, which is the eternal darkness.

Norden is an album that delivers with No Compromise what so ever and is a must have for every Black Metal and Metal fan without a doubt. Pure Scandinavian Black Metal is what you can expect on this album!!! Recommended if you like: Watain, Darkthrone, Gorgoroth, Tsjuder, Urgehal & Setherial

Format: CD | Clear Blue LP

1. Höstdröm
2. Höstfurstin
3. Han Bor I Skuggona
4. Gifti Från Tadjin
5. Fyri Do Dör
6. Mörkri
7. Ti Dödas Viso
8. Natten
9. Norden