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Olhava – Sacrifice [2LP]

Post-black metal duo Olhava is back with Sacrifice, a new studio record, almost two years after the release of their acclaimed album Reborn. Clocking in at the megalithic length of eighty-six minutes, Sacrifice is a collection of long, mesmerizing and melancholic anthems for longing souls which will carve deep into the feelings of any blackgaze fan. As Olhava themselves describe it, “Sacrifice is the necessary step for one to be Reborn. It’s the ultimate point of no return. Everything one used to value will turn to ash and be forgotten. For only by stripping ourselves of everything we know and have can we truly separate our Self from our Ego. Only by burning ourselves can we enjoy peace among stars. But the end is also the beginning. Beginning of new values, a new self built from dust”.


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