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Odal – Welten Mutter

Welten Mutter is proud ‘n’ pure black metal at its poignant best, ripp(l)ing with a melodicism that’s graceful and heartstrings-pulling but never overwrought. An eternal flame seems to burn over and under all here, as energy is not in short supply, but dynamics are never sacrificed in the process; the interplay between the longstanding duo of Taaken and A.D.D. is fluid and flawless, and conveys a very tangible urgency that makes each of these seven rousing hymns even more breathtaking. For Fans of: Judas Iscariot, Arckanum, Lunar Aurora, Zorn, Armagedda, Nagelfar, Forgotten Woods

  1. …um Ewiges zu schaffen
  2. Hellwach schwelgend
  3. Schattental
  4. Der Kälte Atem
  5. Welten Mutter
  6. Welten Geflecht
  7. Erden Zeit


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