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Nyrst – Völd

From the depth of in Iceland’s Reykjavik NYRST has forged a new blackened creation by the name “Völd”, an album that pays homage to the immense volcanoes of Iceland. With “Völd” which roughly translates to “Force, power or might”, NYRST conjures forth music with the unrelenting and unforgiving harshness that the forces of nature have wrought upon every living being in their land through the ages. Written and rehearsed only a few kilometers from a lava spewing active volcano, they sought inspiration in the beauty and perilousness danger of the stark and chaotic surroundings, wishing to portray their material accordingly. Reykjavik, Iceland-based black metal act NYRST was formed in the year 2013 with the aim of creating the coldest, most eerie and barren soundscape possible. After the release of their demo in 2016 and a full-length debut album in 2020, a dense atmospheric experience which gained much praise for perilous melodies and intense vocals, NYRST display a vicious prowess in their craft, unusual in a band so early in their career.

02.Sundra skal sálu
04.Fjalli∂ andar
05.Eilíft eldhaf
06.Drottnari nafnlausra gu∂a
07.Af fjarri ströndum



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