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Nunslaughter – Devil’s Congeries Vol4

Once again, HELLS HEADBANGERS opens the vaults and collects NUNSLAUGHTER’s most massive box yet: 11 split 7”s, two other 7” EPs, the Damned in Japan 7” boxset, the Novel Nasty Nugget LP, and even a reissue of the Damned in Japan DVD!

Format: 3CD 1 DVD Box Set

DISC #1:
Split w/ Zombie Ritual 7″ EP
Split w/ Goat Sodomy 7″ EP
Split w/ Fetus Eaters 7″ EP
Split w/ Radiolokator 7″ EP
Split w/ Evil Wrath 7″ EP
Split w/ Sloth 7″ EP
Split w/ Unholy Grave 7″ EP
Split w/ Destructor 7″ EP
Split w/ Mutilated Messiah 7″ EP
Split w/ Syphilitic Vaginas 7″ EP
To Hell With… Cleveland 7″ EP
Open Spulchre CD (Japanese Compilation)
Fuck that Cunt 7″ EP
Fathers of Fight 7″ EP

DISC #2:
Damned in Japan 7″ Box Set

DISC #3:
Novel Nasty Nugget LP

DISC #4 (DVD):
Damned in Japan DVD reissue


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