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Nuclear Assault – Radiation Sickness


Formed in 1984 in New York, co-founded by bassist Danny Lilker after he left Anthrax following the release of their debut album. Signed to Combat Records, Nuclear Assault released their classic debut ‘Game Over’ in 1986. 1987 saw the release of an EP, ‘The Plague’, released to coincide with the tour from which this live set is taken.

Two more classic full lengths followed; ‘Survive’ (1988) and ‘Handle With Care’ (1990), before the band fragmented. They remain sporadically active to this day.

Lilker went on to find further success with Brutal Truth, as well as with his ex-Anthrax bandmates Scott Ian and Charlie Benante in Stormtroopers of Death.

Including the band in their ‘30 Greatest Thrash Bands of All Time’ list, SPIN magazine summed up the Nuclear Assault story perfectly; “They have one speed, and it’s ludicrous. Initially, their hardcore punk roots played a starring role in their crossover. Overkill and Anthrax sold more records, but neither ever matched the freight-train pummel of Nuclear Assault at their peak

1. Betrayal
2. Stranded In Hell
3. Nuclear War
4. Buttfuck
5. Justice
6. My America
7. Radiation Sickness
8. After The Holocaust
9. Hang The Pope
10. Lesbians
11. Vengeance


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