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Ninkharsag – Discipline Through Black Sorcery

‘Discipline Through Black Sorcery’ is a gloriously wild, anthemic track of cold, majestic black metal; the type of which is rarely heard this side of the 20th century. It is a quest for solitude unobtainable on this Earth, where the endless beyond is the only true freedom. Hear the soaring, sinister melodies, channelled through mighty riffs with the power of ice clad winds containing the destructive power to raze feeble the temples of man. A hate filled battery of total contempt for whatever is left of this dying world. It is the soundtrack to death, life, sex & violence. It is the sound of a band pushed against the wall with nothing to lose and everything to gain. Play it loud. Summon the spectres of the ancient world.

  1. Discipline Through Black Sorcery
  2. The Necromanteion
  3. The Lord Of Death And Midnight


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