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Ninkharsag – Blood Of Celestial Kings

**PRE-ORDER RELEASED 27.04.15** Ninkharsag have been like a thunderbolt to the UK black metal scene. Armed with chilling riffery which bespeaks of tales of carnage strewn battlefields to the assassins of ancient Jerusalem, their ascent has been rapid, quickly climbing the ladder with rabid hunger to be one of the more respected bands on the black metal circuit. Although musically compared to legendary acts such as Mayhem, Dissection and Gorgoroth, their sound is both unique yet classic and contains little to no modern black metal influence. Preferring the sound of the masters of old.

Track List:

  1. The Sicarii
  2. The Essential Salts of Human Dust
  3. Liber V Vel Reguli
  4. Destroyed By Design
  5. Ninkharsag
  6. Tartarus Unbound
  7. Pastoralis Praeeminentiae
  8. Dawn Of The Age Of Aquarius
  9. Iron Wolves


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