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Necro Ritual – Nerthus’ Demise

Raw, but catchy black metal packed full of bleak and devastating atmosphere. Released through Iron Age Records.

Track List:

  1. Warpen Walgifru
  2. Warcry
  3. Pagan Might
  4. Severing The Throats Of The Voiceless Christian Scum
  5. The Passing Of The September Moon
  6. Call Of The Nocturnal Army
  7. Beyond The Sword
  8. Nerthus’ Demise (Lament For The Fallen Angland)
This release should appeal to a lot of BM fans as the band mix differing styles of the genre; melody, harshness, depressive and brutal, there’s a lot on offer! This cd will also be a good introduction to BM for those that have never heard it but are considering treading the left hand path. ‘Beyond The Sword’ stands out against the other tracks. Some of the riffing is so catchy, instantly memorable, melodic yet harsh, definitely one to throw the horns to whilst denouncing everything pure m/ Recommended” UKEM BLOG


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