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NahemiA – Ar-Caosaji

AR-CAOSAJI features nine tracks of relentless, vicious and intense Black Metal, with a melodic grandeur built on a foundation of a long-established and precise rhythm section. The lyrics, written by vocalist Rimmon, deal with themes of misanthropy, death, war, blasphemy, demonology and annihilation, are perfectly reflected by the dark and intense album cover designed by David Thiérrée.

  1. Teloch
  2. Vindictive Malice
  3. 9mm
  4. A Blast Of Steel
  5. Misanthropic Division
  6. Temple Of Glorious Indulgence
  7. Torturous Lords Of Sheol
  8. Nightfall Of Blackstorm
  9. World Annihilation


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