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Mythic – Anthology

Mythic are the first ever all-female fronted death/doom metal band, formed in 1992. Compilation includes the whole Mythic recordings from 1991-1993 period. Slow, crushing and ultra-heavy underground doom/death metal. Recommended if you like: Winter (USA), Magus, Rippikoulu, Disembowelment, Dusk(USA), Thorr’s Hammer, Thergothon

  1. Winter Solstice
  2. Lament Configuration
  3. Spawn of Absu
  4. Thy Future Forecast
  5. The Destroyer
  6. The Oracle
  7. Taste of the Grave
  8. Grande Grimoire
  9. Lament Configuration
  10. The Destroyer
  11. Scarred for Life
  12. Grande Grimoire


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