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Myronath – Into The Qliphoth

Black metal act MYRONATH hails from the deep forests of Småland and Västerbotten, Sweden. Into The Qliphoth is the bands' first full length album, and featuring drummer: Lars Broddesson (Ex MARDUK) vocalist/bassist: Vargblod (Khaospath, Draugul) and guitarist: Malphas (Throne of Heresy, Blood of Serpents). The band has taken a decided step into an extreme black metal direction, going at full speed with forceful vocals that rip and roar with equal measure. Mixed with dark melodic guitar work, and crushing riffs, Into The Qliphoth is slated to be a standout black metal release of 2019. After months of writing and adversity, MYRONATH are proud to present their second album, Into The Qliphoth. Containing eight tracks of genuine Swedish Black Metal, MYRONATH are finally ready to set free the beast that is Into The Qliphoth upon the world. This is a defining moment for the band who has found their true sound in the spheres of extreme black metal. Be sure to listen to what it slated to be one of the top black metal releases of 2019.  1. The Ancient Slumber 2. Ravensphere 3. Lady of Golgotha 4. The Awakening 5. In the Shadow of the Crown 6. La Santa Muerte 7. Hymn to Lucifer 8. Annihilation of the Crescent Moon


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