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Morgal – Nightmare Lord

Refreshingly “new” and old simultaneously, Nightmare Lord literally explodes with an electrifying energy that’s startling to behold while beholden equally to the ancient ways of ’90s black metal, particularly the more melodic end of such. So, while names like Nifelheim, Dissection, Lord Belial, Sacramentum, and even Bewitched and Raise Hell are invoked, they serve as touchstones for MORGAL’s blistering, bewitching attack rather than tired tropes to rape further. An absoulutely essential black metal/heavy metal attack!!

1.Golden Son of Satan 05:27
2.Death Vortex 04:24
3.Gateways of Flesh & Blood 04:41
4.Extermination/Death Penetration 05:53
5.Flaming Mouth of Baphomet 05:22
6.Nightmare Lord 04:23
7.Mortifer 05:29


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