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Meta-Stasis – When The Mind Departs The Flesh

Psychotic death metal with industrial influences all presented in a fabulous digi-pack. Includes bonus video! For fans of Ted Maul and Aborted

Track List:

  1. Hail Flesh
  2. Demon Barber Surgeon
  3. Space Occupying Lesion
  4. Ways Of The Wise
  5. Absence Of The Corpus Leteum
  6. Both Sides Of The River
  7. Misery Redifined
  8. Dissolved And Diluted
  9. Vascular Deficit
  10. We All Must Die
  11. Entering The Domains Of The Body Snatcher
  12. Frank The Body Snatcher
  13. Space Occupying Lesion (Bonus Video)


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