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Mental Demise – Final Steps To Future Madness

Second album from this brutal death metal band from Ukraine. Blast beats, raging guitars and brutal guttural vocals throughout! recommended for fans of Krisiun and Hate Eternal.

Track List:

  1. Drowning into the Mental Demise
  2. Why Do You Need a God?
  3. Sociocollapsus
  4. Part of Civilization
  5. Automatic Conformism
  6. Controlable Terrorization
  7. The Rising of the Black Moon
  8. Not My Business
  9. House of Chthon
  10. Maniacal Progression
  11. From the Anatomical Deeps (Dead Infection cover)
  12. Coitus Per Machina (demo)
  13. Soporific Anabiosis (demo)
  14. Pornopedophilic Mockery (demo)


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