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Master – God of Thunder [CD+DVD]

Before there was Death metal, there was MASTER. This legendary Band is the brainchild of Death Metal God Paul Speckmann, and they are truly a brutal onslaught. Over the last 30 years, their music has influenced anyone and everyone who made a name for themselves in extreme metal. 'God Of Thunder' is the first LIVE CD+DVD ever from the metal heroes MASTER ! Track List: CD: 1. Master 2. Used 3. Judgement Of Will 4. Cut Through The Filth 5. Unknown Soldier 6. Mangled Dehumanization 7. The Truth 8. Pledge Of Allegiance 9. Constant Quarrel 10. Heathen 11. God Of Thunder 12. Remorseless Poison DVD: 1. Judgement Of Will 2. Submerged In Sin 3. Smile As You Are Told 4. Remove The Knife 5. Cut Thru The Filth 6. Pay To Die


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