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Mara – Loka Mær

Mara, the Swedish Pagan Black Metal Horde returns with their 4th Full length album ‘Loka Mær’. Stronger than before, the horde unleashes 6 new songs in the very same style as their predecessor “RÖK”. The sound of Mara is clear, ferocious, hateful and very much entangled with the fury of 2nd wave Scandinavian Black Metal, like it should be! “Loka Mær” is therefore a godlike album in the Pagan Black Metal genre and will surely stand out among the masses. A true treat to every Pagan but also 2nd wave Black Metal fan who adore the old school sound of true Scandinavian Black Metal! 

1. Myrkriða
2. Mara
3. Loka Mær
4. Wolf
5. Thursaseiðr
6. Hel


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