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Malum – Night of the Luciferian Light

MALUM is hailing from the dark forests around Turku, Finland. The band has brought their necromantic rites upon various locations in Finland and have shared the stage with cult acts such as Profanatica and Master’s Hammer at Finnish extreme festivals. They are conquering other parts of Europe in the year 2018. The music of MALUM has it´s roots in the primitive, yet organic Finnish Black Metal sound with atmospheric and brutal essence. Nothing more to say here…just listen to the album. 

  1. O Satan, O Lucifer
  2. Perdition
  3. Awakening of the Black Flame
  4. Kaste, Kirous ja Kuolema
  5. Altar of Ritual Death
  6. Where Light Asecends
  7. Nigh of the Luciferian Light


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