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Malevolent Creation – The 13th Beast

MALEVOLENT CREATION present the band’s 13th studio album, which sees the long running death metal veterans return reinvigorated and with a revamped line-up that musically expands upon 2014’s “Dead Man’s Path” yet also incorporates a savage ferocity known from albums such as “The Will To Kill” and “Eternal”. From blasting opener ‘End The Torture’ unto the epic, Bolt Thrower like album closer ‘Release The Soul’, “The 13th Beast” impresses with a diverse yet uncompromising death metal attack that perfectly combines intensity, speed, unrelenting aggression with memorable riffs and catchy hooks. Track List: 01. End The Torture (05:16) 02. Mandatory Butchery (04:14) 03. Agony For The Chosen (03:39) 04. Canvas Of Flesh (04:28) 05. Born Of Pain (06:51) 06. The Beast Awakened (03:49) 07. Decimated (04:33) 08. Bleed Us Free (03:13) 09. Knife At Hand (03:56) 10. Trapped Inside (03:56) 11. Release The Soul (05:31)