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Malediction – The Soil Throne

UK deathsters Malediction return from a long recording hiatus with their new masterpiece “The Soil Throne”. This new 6 track release is available on splatter vinyl and CD from Cosmic key Creations. The band were major players in the worldwide underground scene in the late 80s and early 90s having released several EPs and comp tracks and gigging across the UK with the likes of My Dying Bride, Bolt Thrower, Benediction and a host of other metal royalty. Jump forward to 2016 and the band reformed with 4 of the original members to release the 15 track CD compilation “Chronology of Distortion” on Dark Blasphemies Records. It’s been 30 years since the band released new recordings and here it is! The Soil Throne represents Malediction at their most brutally powerful. Featuring 2 brand new tracks and updated versions of both old and mid era songs with an unparalleled production this release really does catapult Malediction very much back into the scene and demos the band at their very best. Retaining 3 original members plus new additions on bass and drums, Malediction are preparing to gig in 2024 and they already have some shredding new material ready for the debut album! New tracks “The Omerta Masquerade” and “Black Narcissus” feature a wall of multi tracked guitars, stunningly impactful solos, haunting melodies and guttural vocals. The mix of pounding double bass, manic fast blast beats and moments of true atmospherics really make these tracks stand out as the most accomplished musicianship the band has realised to date. Re-imaginings of the older tracks finally do justice to the Malediction classics, giving them the epic production they deserve. Seasoned Malediction fans will love the updates and for the newer listener, everything is brought up to date in a package that truly stands out among the finest recent releases in the UK metal scene. The Soil Throne truly is a landmark release from one of the most prominent pioneering UK underground acts in the death metal scene. Do not miss your chance to own this vinyl slab of brutality.