Lord Belial – Wrath Of Belial

Lord Belial was one of the leading Swedish black metal bands. Formed in 1992 and they released their debut album in 1995. They released eight full length albums until they split up in 2015. This demo compilation called ‘Wrath of Belial’ contains their seven track 1993 demo ‘The Art of Dying’ and their five track 1994 demo ‘Into the Frozen Shadows’. Cover art made by Roberto Toderico (Pestilence, Fleshcrawl, Siege of Power). Lord Belial consisted of: Niclas Andersson on guitar (ex-Sacramentum, ex-Dimension Zero), brothers Micke (drums) and  Thomas (vocals / guitars) Backelin and their cousin Anders Backelin on bass (Trident, Death Tyrant).

  1. Bleed on the Cross
  2. Hellspawn
  3. Grace of God
  4. The Art of Dying
  5. Jesus Fails
  6. Malevolently Reversed
  7. Maniac Madness
  8. Lilith – Demonic Queen of the Black Light
  9. Into the Frozen Shadows
  10. Mad Redeemer
  11. Satan Divine
  12. The Ancient Slumber


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