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Lonely Grave – Craterface

Lonely Grave combines the punk-side of early grindcore and power violence with metal riffing and occult shrieking vocals. Spanning from slow, haunting sections to relentless d-beat, creating a dynamic catalogue of songs with lyrical themes of delusion, god, lust and paranoia.

On the first cold day of 2016, Ludvig Eriksson, Magnus Bergman and Johan Birve of previous Umeå bands such as Kira and The State The Sea Left Me In got behind instruments with the ambition to create a left field sonic force with fast, ear shattering songs. As a form of resistance against the big slick production of modern dark hardcore, the band decided to use minimum of gear with all three members being front singers to bring back the eeriness of underground metal.

1. The Extremist
2. Änglamakerskan
3. Tub
4. Simian Laughter
5. Intrusive Pines
6. Kneeling Begging “Do it”
7. Craterface
8. They Shall Take Up Serpents
9. Buy Punk Gloves
10. Don’t Let me In
11. The Three Beggars


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