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Lightcrusher – Constructing Stairs of Mortared Bone

Official reissue of the rare debut album from the US 80’s style Doom / Black Metal act with New Cover Art and Bonus Track!
Vermont US based Doom merchants LIGHTCRUSHER have released two full length albums, “Constructing Stairs of Mortared Bone” (2018) and “Forever But Never Named” (2021) prior to signing with Moribund Records. The band creates a distinctive sound that alternates between, and merges true 80’s Doom, in the vein of Solitude Aeturnus, Candlemass and Trouble with the blackened Death-Thrash of early Paradise Lost and Anathema. LIGHTCRUSHER delivers a unique and intriguing Blackened Doom sound filled with originality and a fresh, modern take on the 6+ decade’s old Doom Metal scene!
While we await LIGHTCRUSHER’s upcoming 3rd album, Moribund Records are proud to reissue the bands impressive 2018 debut album, making it available to a global audience for the 1st time! With “Constructing Stairs…” LIGHTCRUSHER create unique and Absolutely EPIC Doom Metal with wicked Blackened Death-Thrash Metal influences!


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