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Light Of The Morning Star – Charnel Noir

Sepulchral London entity LIGHT OF THE MORNING STAR arrive on DMP in predatory style with second album “Charnel Noir”: a towering collection of shadow-songs, moreish as blood to hungry vampiric mouths.

Potently blending cinematic Deathrock, ghoulish Doom, heavy Post-Punk and atmospheric Black Metal, “Charnel Noir” is a hook-ridden exploration of the necromantic Undead which captures the restraint, tension and dark romanticism present in the great canonical Gothic works.

Central to LIGHT OF THE MORNING STAR are the seductive, hypnotically evocative vocals, given room to soar over sleek, reverently-produced arrangements with all fat removed like useless flesh from an ancient corpse.

Music for night hours and sanguine addictions.

Recommended if you like: MOONSPELL, TIAMAT, KATATONIA…

1. Charnel Noir
2. Our Night Hours
3. Ghost Moon
4. Hymn in Hemlock
5. Lid of a Casket
6. There Are Many Shadows
7. The Endless Procession of the Guillotine
8. Spectres
9. Fangs in the Tree of Life


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