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Leviathan – A Silhouette in Splinters

"A Silhouette in Splinters" (2005) is the third full-length album by San Franciscan Black Metal band Leviathan. Unlike previous releases (which banked on distorted guitars and speedy tempos), this is completely Dark ambient. Recorded between 2000 and 2002, this set of six ambient tracks shows a more concentrated side of Leviathan, proving that Wrest (Leviathan mastermind) is indeed capable of the most haunting nuance over extended audio trips.  Format: 2LP Clear / Black splatter SIDE A 1.Travelling Over The Ocean’s Skull SIDE B 2.It Comes In Whispers part: 2 3.Particular Dis-ease SIDE C 4.Shimmering Horn Of Woe SIDE D 5.A Silhouette In Splinters 6.Blood Red And True part: 2 (a spell to vanquish sea serpents)


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