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Law Of Contagion – Oecumenical Rites for the Antichrist

Cult & Contagious Luciferian BLACK / DEATH METAL of the Highest Order !!!

Following last year’s break-through Occult Black / Death Metal album “Woeful Litanies from the Nether Realms”, Portuguese act LAW OF CONTAGION, delivers an immensely virulent second album “Oecumenical Rites for the Antichrist”.

Having been involved in the underground for decades recording with multiple well known bands, Ishkur opted to evoke his own pure vision of Luciferian litanies to sound as the sole member of LAW OF CONTAGION. The result is a superbly dingy and murky Occult Black / Death Metal with utterly rocking rhythm.

A mammoth, dark and cavernous sound fortifies these essences of “Oecumenical Rites for the Antichrist”, evoking the glory days of Black / Death Metal, when bands and albums were still authentic works of art. Oozing with a grim Old School aura, the album breaks only to let in cold, shadowy Black Metal melodies or to breathe out pestilential Death Metal passages. A thick and dense album of Blackened Death Metal in the classic vein of legendary acts such as Beherit, Mysitfier, Root, Mortuary Drape, Necromantia and “De Mysteriis…” era Mayhem.

With pandemic contagions still being the law of most lands, LAW OF CONTAGION offers the antidote for those who dare to perform the “Oecumenical Rites for the Antichrist”! May the Bright Flame of Lucifer Light our Path!


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