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Last Days Of Humanity – Hymns of Indigestible Suppuration

LAST DAYS OF HUMANITY’s classic ‘Hymns of Indigestible Suppuration’ on regular vinyl LP format, for the first time ever. Comes with a full color poster of the cover art.

1.Maggot Feast On A Swollen Fetus 01:31
2.48th Cut 01:13
3.Rectal Bowel Inquisition 01:40
4.Intoxicated 01:57
5.The Taste Of Festering Vomit 01:12
6.Last Days Of Humainty – Consuming Purulent Sputum 01:38
7.From Flesh To Liquid Mess 01:05
8.Reeking Mush Beneath Each Cavity 01:27
9.Orgasmic Abortion 01:48
10.Catering From The Womb 02:00
11.Last Days of Humanity – Acute Palatable Hemorrhage 01:34
12.Perforated Festered Scrotum 02:04
13.Stirred Intestines 01:11
14.Wet Remains 00:40
15.Purulent Odour In Stoma 01:20
16.Defecating Anal Sludge 01:14
17.Rancid Tumour Execration 01:46
18.Wide Open Wounds On A Disfigured Corpse 00:44
19.Hymns Of Indigestible Suppuration 01:29
20.Last Days of Humanity – Ulcerated Offal 00:42
21.Defleshed By Flies 01:15
22.Bowel Exhibition 01:53
23.Raped In The Back Of A Van 02:29



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