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Korpse – Insufferable Violence

This is KORPSE, a quartet of death metal destruction from The Netherlands. Insufferable Violence marks KORPSE’s third full-length album, set for release via the indomitable Unique Leader Records on 26th February. By far the most brutal and dark album KORPSE has produced yet, the band deliver eleven tracks of jaw dropping Death Metal carnage. During Insufferable Violence’s forty-two minutes of chaotic punishment and depravity the band seem on a mission to turn their listener to dust beneath a ceaseless torrent of immensely heavy slam breakdowns, inhuman vocals, grinding speed and aggression. KORPSE once again bring their no-nonsense approach to the slamming death genre with no compromise or false overstatements in one of this year’s heaviest releases. The result is a deeply uncomfortable listen.

  1. PTSD
  2. Insufferable Violence
  3. Disposable Underaged Objects
  4. Self Preservation
  5. A Final Lesson
  6. Genocidal Bloodbath
  7. Callousness
  8. Vital Transactions
  9. Molestation Condonation
  10. Epochs of Melancholy


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