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Katalepsy – Terra Mortuus Est

Since 2003, Katalepsy have established themselves as the undisputed Kings of the Russian Brutal Death circuit.‘Terra Mortuum Est’ is a triumphant amalgamation of the bands last two albums. The Devourment tinged relentless brutality of ‘Autopsychosis’ matching the Decapitated style maturity of 2016’s ‘Gravenous Hour’- but with a definitively darker and more nightmarish layer lurking beneath that has established Katalepsy’s sound truly as their own. Slamming the listener with a concrete heavy production, this is the heaviest Russian offering of 2020.

  1. Closer Than Flesh
  2. Night of Eden
  3. Those Who Rot the Souls
  4. The God of Grave
  5. Terra Mortuum Est
  6. Kings Of The Underground
  7. Deep Down Madness
  8. No Rest No Peace
  9. From the Dark Past (They Come)
  10. Neonomicon III
  11. Land Of Million Crosses


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