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Kankar – Dunkle Millennia

Now, KANKAR make their first grand statement with ‘Dunkle Millennia’, the duo’s debut full‐length. Immediately recognizable as KANKAR but bolstered on every level ‐ songwriting, performance, production ‐ Dunkle Millennia literally bristles with an electricity that’s undeniable. For a band still (proudly) black metal, the KANKAR of now here evince an artistry that spans decades and even genres; one can detect trace elements of classic death metal, pagan metal, traditional metal, and even rock ‘n’ roll within the album’s succinct‐yet‐expansive 45‐minute runtime, and yet all of it’s spliced and diced in a most fluid manner, and not once ever

  1. Gier [3:36]
  2. Krater in Sarx [3:35]
  3. Zerfall des Lichts [7:42]
  4. Vergeltung [3:46]
  5. Thüringer Schwarzmetall [4:12]
  6. Der Schütze [3:06]
  7. N.E.I.D. [3:09]
  8. Festmahl fuer die Krähen [3:46]
  9. Pilgerreise [4:34]
  10. Die Sonne über Ikarus [2:51]
  11. Dunkle Millennia [3:53]


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