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Jord – Sol

Jord (Swedish for “Earth”) is a Swedish Atmospheric Black Metal solo-project with Blackgaze, Post Metal and Post Rock influences.

The project’s sole member Jörgen Ström has played in various bands (quote: “Everything from Pop to Black Metal.”) since the 90s and learned a ton of things from that period of touring and recording albums – experience that eventually led to the founding of his own project Jord. The debut album, entitled Sol (Swedish for “sun”) is about Jörgen’s relation to Mother Earth. Living alone in a small cabin next to the forest and spending most of his free time in the woods when not writing music has had a tremendous influence on him, and through the music and lyrics of Jord that connection between man and nature is expressed.

1. Ur Askan (6:08)
2. Tidsresan (5:56)
3. Genom Skog & Hav (6:38)
4. Mother’s Way (5:50)
5. Inget Liv Utan Dig (7:18)
6. Ljus (6:32)
7. Blad & Rot (4:39)


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