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Jaldaboath – The Rise of the Heraldic Beasts

Jaldaboath jokingly describes their style of music as “Hammering Heraldic Metal” or “Crusader-core” or “Tumultuous Teutonic Templar Thrash.”, or to me and you its Folk/Black Metal with an injection of humour. Mithotyn meets Monty Python!

Track List:

  1. Hark the Herald
  2. Calling on All Heraldic Beasts
  3. Bash the Bishop
  4. Seek the Grail
  5. Axe Wielding Nuns
  6. Jaldaboath
  7. Bring Me the Head of Metatron
  8. Jacque De Molay
  9. March to Calvary
  10. Da Vinci’s Code (Bonus Track)


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